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25 August 2010 @ 12:36 am
CoM: R/R Prologue  

Written by: Kanemaki Tomoco
Original Plan: Nomura Tetsuya and Watanabe Daisuke
Illustration: Amano Shiro
Copyrighted by Disney Enterprises, Inc and Square Enix
Notes: No profit is gained from these translations unless you count meeting and befriending amazing people profit. Every effort is made to make them as accurate as possible.


Prologue: The Dark of Start



I had this… dream. Kairi giggling. Sora mad about something. And me—rolling around laughing beside them. Listening to the sound of waves from far away.

It’s those familiar islands, Destiny Islands. Those islands I went and threw away. Those familiar islands, my homeland.


Sora called my name.


Kairi called my name.


Someone called my name—I’ll open my eyes now, slowly.

It wasn’t dark, but the place wasn’t filled with light either; he was in an indistinct place. Riku got up slowly, and shook his head quietly. It’s like there’s mist deep inside my head. 

“I—what the hell… is this place….?”
I know I’m surrounded by some kind of dim light. Actually, it's more like a haze than light, here in this weird space.

“Sleep,” resounded a sudden deep voice from somewhere, and Riku stood up.

“Who’s there?!”

“Sleep just like this. In this, in the rift Between darkness and light.”

“Rift Between darkness and light….?” Riku muttered back, and closed his eyes. I haven’t heard of a place like that before. All I’ve known up until now is darkness and light… I don’t really care about this place that’s not either.

“Oh yeah, where is the King?!” Riku shouted. After the two of us shut the Door to Darkness together, there was some wandering in the gloomy darkness. I’m absolutely sure I was with the King at that point. But—after that, he—?

What happened to me?

“The king is far away. It’s okay if you leave the battle against the darkness to him, and continue to sleep. The light of awakening would be a thorn bringing pain to you as you are now. Turn your back to the light, and close your eyes.”

“You say that like I’m some demon from the dark.”

It’s true that I turned my eyes away from the light. No… to be correct, it wasn’t away from the light. I turned my eyes away from Sora.

Because Sora was dazzling…

And Sora became the Hero of Light, and I stained my flesh with darkness.

But, I’m not some demon from the dark.

“Do you want to know the truth?” the voice asked Riku.

The truth? …..Wonder what that’s supposed to be. Does such a truth really exist, I wonder.

“If you are wrapped in the gentle darkness here, you will go back to sleep—for eternity.”

Riku stared into the empty air in silence.  

Like hell I’d ever do that…!, 
He yelled inside his heart, and that instant, the air quivered, and he almost thought the owner of the voice was smiling.

“So you want to know the truth—well then.”

A card fell down from the empty air to land in front of Riku’s feet.

“What’s this…?”

“That’s the door to truth. If you take it into your hands, your sleep will end, and you will begin walking towards the truth. However, that truth will be painful to you. Will you go, even so?”

Riku picked up the card, and his lips twisted into a slight smile. “Sleeping in a place like this would be boring.” This nothing-place—I can’t be here, turning my eyes from the truth.

“You won’t be able to return to peaceful sleep.”

“Couldn’t ask for better.”

“That answer is so very like you, Riku.” Once again, the voice seemed to contain a smile.

At that moment, the world spun around and the scenery changed.


Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: <Reverse/Rebirth>Riku’s Story will be continued in Chapter 1: Recollect


Translation notes

+“Sleep just like this. In this, in the rift Between darkness and light.”----I know this is awkward, but it’s hard to translate with the right connotations. In Japanese, they use the word はざま・狭間, or hazama, which is a noun that means rift and in-between and loophole to describe what we see localised in Xemnas’ title for example, 狭間の指導Superior of the In-Between, and in area names 狭間につながる路The Alley to Between, and はざまの回廊 Betwixt and Between. This is hard because in English, ‘between’ is a preposition or an adverb, not a noun. So, DiZ is saying more than ‘sleep between darkness and light’ here. I am sure he’s talking about being IN this ‘in-between’ realm/area/road w/e we have in KH, the in-between of darkness and light. 光と闇のはざまで.  If I were to translate it with no knowledge of this concept existing in KH, I would have said ‘sleep in the rift between darkness and light’. It seems that the Realm of In-between is in fact more like a rift with areas tiered like stairs more than a ‘plane’ like the Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness. And so, to try and include the concept of In-between, I capitalised Between. And to make it a noun like the original sentence, I translated it as ‘rift’ too.

+” The king is far away.”—Riku and most people call Mickey ‘Ou-sama’ in Japanese. Ou means king, and –sama is a tag you stick on the end of names of people who are to be respected. However, DiZ here doesn’t add the –sama. I showed the difference in respect by not capitalising the word.

+Because Sora was dazzling-----ソラがまぶしかったから. Sora blinded him/made it hard to see (with light), Sora dazzled his eyes, Sora dazzled him… OH RIKU ;A;

+ He yelled inside his heart----the phrase in English would be more like, in his head, but the Japanese phrase uses the word ‘heart’ and that’s generally important in this series so I left it :3

I really don't have time to be doing this. But it was short and simple and jeez, Riku, you're just too cute. 

Comments, questions, corrections, suggestions, always always appreciated and welcomed ♥
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milky way: Riku/a hopeless case shh don't tellchesauroshin on August 24th, 2010 08:15 pm (UTC)
Ahhhhhhhhh this was so awesome :DDD

Because Sora was dazzling-----ソラがまぶしかったから. Sora blinded him/made it hard to see (with light), Sora dazzled his eyes, Sora dazzled him… OH RIKU ;A;

I had this same exact reaction, omg ♥

I also like how Riku is kind of a smartass when he's talking, but his thoughts are so mushy.
my darling, stay gold: Go to the Seagold_panner on August 25th, 2010 06:28 am (UTC)
I need a pretty Riku icon orz
I KNOW this whole book is littered with awesome. It keeps calling to me when I'm meant to do other work ajfds;x

I love how honest he is being to himself here, but at the same time, ;A;

There's definitely two sides to Riku; his tough and confident outer shell, and the place deeper inside where he shoves all his insecurities and guilt. But then again, now we know that when given free reign, this author spawns scenarios like 358/2 Days, in which characterisation didn't exactly appear to be a strong point... LOL THE FIRST INTERPRETATION IS BETTER *wants to squish Riku*

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it ♥
milky way: Riku/like you'll always bechesauroshin on August 25th, 2010 07:14 am (UTC)
Yours is nice and angsty tho :P
Oh, I definitely agree that there are two sides to Riku, and I also think it makes the times we do see that inner part peek through all the more significant.

I just want to... roll on the floor in glee because this is finally being translated :DDD
my darling, stay goldgold_panner on August 26th, 2010 09:30 am (UTC)
hee I have a specially made new riku icon now!
I flipped ahead, and it seems we get to see Riku's entire life story through the eyes of Repuriku-kun as Nami changes him.

There's also novel-verse confirmation that Riku did have a crush on Kairi. And yet when he's bitching in his head about Kairi's obsessive feelings for Sora, HE SAYS HE IS THE SAME WAY ABOUT SORA TOO. And other sappy things.

milky way: OT3/after all it was a great big worldchesauroshin on August 26th, 2010 05:09 pm (UTC)
And a lovely icon it is, too :)
O-omg :o I knew we'd get to see some of the Replica's memories, but I didn't think there'd be ones about Riku's life story, omg :DDD

my darling, stay gold: UNF UNFgold_panner on August 27th, 2010 12:10 am (UTC)
sylpherius made it X3
I can't quite remember if it's just all the scenes we already saw or knew about from the games in sequential order, or if there are extra things, but it's an entire chapter, so I have hopes...! Ugh when my study is out of the way I can't wait to work more on these :D

ME TOO!! There's also a lot of cute Mickey and Riku :D :D Why didn't I do this earlier...
milky way: Riku+Mickey/a king and a boychesauroshin on August 27th, 2010 12:35 am (UTC)
Re: sylpherius made it X3
A-An entire chapter, omg ♥ Hope your studying goes well!

my darling, stay gold: tightergold_panner on August 27th, 2010 07:11 am (UTC)
Thank you!! I will do my best~
milky way: Riku/Just as planned.chesauroshin on August 27th, 2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
NEVAR. Last one was by cozzybob \m/
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