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20 July 2012 @ 07:09 am
KH2 Vol 4 Chapter 2: Waiting for You  

Chapter 2: Waiting for You

Written by: Kanemaki Tomoco
Original Plan: Nomura Tetsuya and Nojima Kazushige
Illustration: Amano Shiro
Translations: gold_panner
Copyrighted by Disney, Square Enix and Touchstone Pictures. No profits are gained from these unofficial fan translations.
Thanks to fellow fan-translator 
final-ace for providing the copy of this novel.

Axel sat on the edge of the wall, waiting for the right time to come.

The right time— the right moment to rescue Kairi.

Xemnas isn’t here right now. So, what about Saïx? Xigbar? Luxord?

He had no confidence. For someone who talked so big, he had no confidence. Perhaps he was trying to make himself feel the emotion called fear.

The sign of someone’s presence wavered nearby, and Axel looked up as though in fright.

“…What, you?”

Standing there wagging his tail at Axel was a large brown dog.

“Pluto,” Axel called, and the dog—Pluto—leapt at Axel and licked his face.

“Hey, I said quit that. Do I smell like the King or something?”

At Axel’s words, Pluto let out a huge bark.

Pluto, unafraid of anything, jumped right into the darkness of between. Kairi was the same.

This isn’t the time to be hesitating in a place like this.

Axel hugged Pluto, pressing his cheek to him.

“Shall we?” Axel asked, and Pluto barked in reply.

Axel stood up slowly and headed deeper into the castle.

From the city walls you could see a huge castle rising high towards the sky. Sitting on the walls of the shining garden, Radiant Garden, Sora and the others were eating sea salt ice creams.

“Do ya reckon Hollow Bastion will be okay now?” said Goofy, licking his ice cream.

“Leon and the others are here, so I’m sure it will,” said Sora, staring out at the castle in the distance.

“Splendid castle, ain’t it. I wonder how the Beast and the others are doing?” Goofy squinted, as though looking at the huge castle was reminding him of Beast’s Castle.

“Daisy…,” Donald sighed, seemingly reminded just like Goofy of another huge castle—of Disney Castle, where his girlfriend was.

“I’m sure everyone’s doing just fine,” said Sora, turning to Goofy and Donald.

Yeah, I’m sure everyone’s doing fine. If Riku and Kairi are doing fine, that would do for me.

I want them… to be fine.

“Hmm…” Donald, who had finished his ice cream first, tilted his head to one side. “Hey, Sora,” Donald called out.

Sora was staring distantly at the castle. “Hm?”

“We’ve had this ice cream, haven’t we?”

Sora shrugged. “Well, yeah, we’re having one now?”

“No, not that!” said Donald, flapping up and taking a photograph from his pocket.

“Now that you mention it, there was a sea salt ice cream put in with this photo, wasn’t there?” said Goofy, still eating his ice cream. Beside him, Sora peered at the photograph.

Here in Hollow Bastion, when we were surrounded by a bunch of Heartless, we were suddenly swallowed up by darkness that someone had opened up. Inside that darkness ‘someone’ had left a photo and a sea salt ice cream inside a box. That photo was of Hayner, Pence, Olette, and… Roxas.

Roxas… it’s a familiar name, and also one that those guys from the Organisation say a lot.

What on earth does that photograph mean?

And why on earth was Kairi where Hayner and the others are?

Roxas, Axel… and Kairi. Are those three connected somehow?

“Wonder how Hayner and the gang are doing?” Goofy said, placidly, and Sora looked up.

Just then, the sun sinking over the castle shone into Sora’s face.

It’s dazzling—

That’s right, I’ve been in a place where you can look down over the town just like this some time before, eating sea salt ice cream with someone.

Was it… with Hayner and the others?

No… I feel like it was someone else… I don’t know.

“I want to go see Hayner and the others,” said Sora, and Donald and Goofy nodded.

“If we go see them, maybe they’ll know the secret behind this photo,” Goofy said, and Sora hopped down from the castle wall.

“Let’s go to Twilight Town.”

If we do, maybe we’ll solve a few mysteries.

Impatiently, Sora broke into a run.

On the path up the steep hill in Twilight Town, in front of the bulletin board, Hayner and Pence were taking as always about where Kairi possibly could have gone. Standing a little way away from them, Olette was kicking at the small stones by her feet.

“I hope Kairi’s okay…,” Olette murmured with a sigh. She looked up at the sky, and took that munny pouch from her pocket.

The little embroidery was something she had worked her guts out on while her mother taught her. It had seemed like Kairi was going to be a really close female friend to Olette.

I can’t talk to Hayner or Pence about embroidery, but I’m sure I could with Kairi… and maybe we could talk about other things, things you can’t talk about with boys…

“Lazing around like always, I see,” came a sudden voice, and Olette looked up to see Seifer and his entourage assembled there.

“What do you want,” Hayner replied, disagreeably.

“Don’t really want anything from you,” Seifer said with a grin.

“Seifer’s busy, ya know,” Rai butted in from behind Seifer.

“We’re busy too so don’t hold us up,” said Hayner, glaring, and Seifer turned his back on him and began to walk away.

“Where are you going,” said Hayner. “That’s not your turf.”

Seifer turned casually. “Did you hear the rumour that suspicious guys have been going in and out of the haunted mansion?”

“…Huh?” said Olette, the first to react to Seifer’s words.  “What does that mean? Please tell us.”

“Those guys… Do you remember Sora?”

“Of course we remember,” Hayner returned.

“Those silver guys that Sora defeated… as well as a man in a black coat have been going in and out of the haunted mansion. That’s the rumour.” That’s all Seifer said before he walked away.

In his wake, Olette was lost in thought.

“Suspicious guys at the haunted mansion…? I wonder if this will just turn out like the ‘seven wonders’ rumour did,” said Pence, lacing his hands behind his head.

“The rumour about the girl was a masterpiece,” said Hayner, light-heartedly. “Even though it was just a curtain moving in the wind.”

“Hey… Seifer said something about those silver guys that Sora defeated, didn’t he,” said Olette, back still turned to Hayner and Pence.

Hayner tilted his head. “He did, but what of it, Olette?”

Beside him, Pence took his hands from behind his head like he’d noticed something. “And now that I think about it, the guy chasing Kairi was… a man in a black coat,” he said, folding his arms.

“What are you going on about? Both of you now?”

In front of head-tilting Hayner Olette turned to meet the gaze of Pence, whose arms were still folded, and they spoke at almost the same time.

“The haunted mansion!”

“It’s the haunted mansion!”

They nodded to each other and broke into a run.

“Hey, w-wait a minute you two!”

Hayner took off after them in a hurry.

“What do you mean?” he asked Pence, who he had caught up to.

“See, the haunted mansion must be the place that connects to that other world—that other Twilight Town!” Pence explained as he ran.

Hayner tilted his head. “Huh? Huuhhh… We’ll check it out in any case,” he said, apparently satisfied for the time being.

“Hurry, hurry!” said Olette, and Hayner and Pence sped up.

Riku gripped the Soul Eater, stock-still and glaring at DiZ.

A room inside the haunted mansion—a white room.

“No—Riku,” Naminé said, raising her voice. At her words Riku lowered the Soul Eater and pulled his hood back up. He turned his back on Naminé and DiZ with a small frustrated sound.

A small sigh from DiZ broke the silence. Riku turned.

“Your goal is, as always, vengeance, isn’t it—Ansem the Wise.”

“No…,” hedged DiZ—no—Ansem the Wise.

“So you were going to lie back, sic us on them, and then pretend you didn’t know a thing.” Riku’s voice was thick with malice.

“No, you are wrong,” said Ansem the Wise. “I’m not the one who left, Riku. You two did. That was only natural, of course but—”

Riku drew a chair and sat down. “You came here with a purpose, right?”

He looked up at Ansem the Wise. Ansem shrugged, and took three ice creams from his breast pocket.

“First of all, how about you have an ice cream?”

“…Do you think I’m an idiot?” Riku said disagreeably. From beside him, Naminé took two ice creams, and held one out to Riku.

“Riku,” Naminé called, but Riku made no move to take it.

Ansem the Wise bit his ice cream before speaking.

“I… must apologise to you two.”

Riku stared at him, still silent.

“I will not ask you to forgive my foolish self, possessed by revenge. However, I would like you to at least let me apologise. I’m sorry.”

At those words Riku stood up from the chair and turned his back on Ansem the Wise once more. Naminé stared at his back in worry.

“There was a weakness to you… your heart, that made it vulnerable to the darkness. However, there was also a strong hope. You made the darkness your own power, and you…”

“Did you come here to spout this at me?” Riku said.

Naminé was looking down, still holding the ice cream out at Riku.

Ansem the Wise shook his head quietly, and continued. “Naminé, Roxas and Xemnas. The Nobodies of those who had strong hearts are unique beings. My—no—our theories were of no use at all. The world changes when touched by a strong heart. Not just the world. Even people—and even Nobodies change.”

Naminé looked up.

That’s—yes, that’s the secret of the heart. When in contact with a special being, worlds, hearts—everything changes.

“Riku. Your level of strength is also something special. I want you to save the worlds somehow. This fool pleads you. I will do anything for it.”

Back still turned on Ansem the Wise, Riku stood silent, rooted to the spot.

Deep inside the castle, Axel was looking up at a small basket-like cage that hung from the ceiling. Beside him sat Pluto, who had come along, wagging tail whapping on the floor as he also looked up at the cage.

“Kairi,” Axel called to the girl he knew was inside. As he did, Pluto barked. Kairi’s face appeared through the bars.


Axel gave Kairi a slightly twisted grin. “Axel,” he said, looking up at her. “Got it memorised?”

Kairi gave a small nod.

“This is… my bad, ok. I’m responsible for you getting trapped in this place. Hold on, I’m gonna help you now.”

Axel opened up the darkness  of between, and Pluto bounded inside ahead of him.

“I’ve been waiting, Axel,” came a voice from behind.

“…I just knew you’d show up.”

Axel turned with a smirk. Saïx was standing there.

“It’s all good, Kairi! I’m gonna help you—for sure, okay!” Axel shouted, not taking his glare off Saïx.

Behind him, the darkness of between began to close.

“What do you have to say for yourself—you traitor!”

The massive claymore rose up behind Saïx. At the same time, Axel clenched his fists around his chakrams.

His body felt somehow unwilling.

I don’t want to be erased… but, it wouldn’t be so bad to be erased here.

Axel blew out a big breath and leapt, as flames jumped up to encircle them.


The claymore moved to block Axel’s attack. Saïx himself hadn’t moved a muscle.

I’m at an overwhelming disadvantage. Well… I knew that even before we started the fight. My power isn’t enough to beat Saïx. But, even so, I didn’t want to hesitate. I had to clear a path. I wanted to understand… that hope. Yeah, the hope that Sora and Riku see.

Saïx smirked.

“You should lose everything!” he said, as the point of his claymore went through Axel’s chest.

Axel was thrown, his body hitting the ground with force.

I don’t want to be erased.

I can’t go down here.

I shouldn’t be erased.

Why am I doing this?

For who’s sake?

For Roxas… for Naminé, and Riku, and for myself.

There are still things left that I should do.

There are things I have to do.

Axel got shakily to his feet, and grinned.

“Never underestimate the Organisation’s number one at getting away!”

Behind Axel the darkness  of between opened up once more, swallowing his figure up into the darkness.

“Axel!” Kairi yelled.

“Escaping, are we!” said Saïx, chasing after, but the darkness wisped away right before his eyes.

Touching down in Twilight Town for the first time in a long time, it seemed peaceful as always. Sora looked around, feeling tension ease in his chest.

“Looks like nothing’s changed,” said Goofy, also seeming somewhat relieved.

“Let’s go see Hayner and the gang.”

Sora ran off towards the Usual Spot.

“Sora! Over there!” screeched Donald, and Sora turned.

“What, Donald—Wahh!”

At the end of Sora’s gaze was the crack in the wall that lead to the haunted mansion. Out of it countless Nobodies were spewing out and coming right for them.

“What’s going on?” said Sora, blocking Nobody attacks.

“Maybe they’re comin’ from that old haunted mansion?” said Goofy, doing much the same thing.

“Priority change: let's give the Usual Spot a miss and head over there,” said Sora.

At his words, Donald waved his staff firing magic, and he and the others headed for the crack in the wall to the haunted mansion, felling Nobodies as they went.

A sea salt ice cream was melting in each of Naminé’s hands. Riku was glaring, unmoving, at Ansem the Wise.


Just as Naminé was about to quietly ask her important friend for some help, their senses flickered, and the darkness of between opened up in a corner of the room.

“The Organisation again…!”

Riku took one step closer to the dark hole, Soul Eater in hand. At that moment, Naminé gave a shout.


From inside appeared the red-haired man of the Organisation—Axel.


Axel moved shakily up to Naminé, a hand pressed to his chest, and with a glance up at Riku, bit one of the ice creams she was still holding.

“Now that’s salty…,” he said in a small voice, and sank heavily into the chair. His breath was coming jaggedly.

Naminé rushed over, dropping one of the ice creams in her hand onto the floor.

“Axel—are you wounded?”

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it. Look, more importantly…” Axel jerked his chin towards the darkness behind them. “If you go through here you’ll go right to where Kairi is. Go, hurry.”

“Got it—Come on, Naminé,” said Riku, looking back at Naminé as he began to walk.

Naminé looked at Axel, worriedly. “But Axel’s…”

“Leave me an ice cream, Naminé.” Axel stole the last ice cream from Naminé’s hand, and smiled at her as she stood there staring at him. “I said go. You wanted to meet Kairi, didn’t you?”

Naminé gave a small nod at those words. Tears were sliding down her cheeks.

“What about you?”

“I gotta bring Sora and the others there.”

Naminé clasped her hands over the hand Axel was holding the ice cream in.

His hand was cold.

“Thank you Axel… See you later,” Naminé said with a smile, and Axel nodded quietly.

“See you later, Naminé.”

Naminé nodded in return, and ran into the darkness of between after Riku.

“What are you gonna do, Ansem the Wise?” Riku asked, half his body sunk into the darkness.

But Ansem the Wise shook his head quietly and said, “there are still things I must do. Just as he does.”

At those words Riku gave Ansem the Wise a sharp look.

“Go. Save Kairi,” Ansem the Wise urged, and at last Riku and Naminé nodded and in turn their figures were lost in the darkness.

The two left in the white room both blew out an almost synchronised sigh. Finding it funny, Axel snickered and ate some of the sea salt ice cream.

“How about treating that wound?” Ansem the Wise asked Axel.

“…We Nobodies just vanish as we die okay,” said Axel, and he put the ice cream in his mouth and stood up. “Besides, maybe now I can finally go see Roxas.”

Axel threw the ice cream stick on the ground, and opened up the darkness of between before him again.

“Bye then—Ansem the Wise,” Axel said, a smile rising on his face as he gave a leisurely farewell.

King Mickey, having arrived in Twilight Town, looked around and took a deep breath.

This presence… There are lots of presences here in this town. Sora… Riku, Donald and Goofy, Naminé, Axel, and… Ansem the Wise. I wonder what it means there is in this town. This town smells the way Traverse Town once did.

King Mickey tilted his head. At that moment, a Nobody appeared.

“Even here…!”

King Mickey defeated the Nobody with the Keyblade in his hand, and headed towards where everyone’s presences were coming from.

After running to the haunted mansion, the first people Sora and his friends met were Hayner and the others, lying defeated on the ground.

Sora ran over in a hurry.

“Hey! Are you okay?” he said, helping Hayner to his feet but Hayner, completely worn out, simply collapsed down hard on his butt again, looking up at the sky. Donald helped Pence up, and Goofy helped Olette.

“We came here looking for Kairi. And then those silver guys attacked…,” Hayner said, heaving a sigh.

“That’s dangerous,” said Donald, running over to Hayner.

“You guys shouldn’t feel responsible for that though…,” said Sora, but Hayner interrupted.

“That’s not it, okay,” said Hayner, standing. He sounded a little angry. “It’s that something terrible has happened to a friend of ours, right?”

“Oh yeah… You guys are all Kairi’s friends too, aren’t you?”

Hayner gave a big nod, and turned to the haunted mansion.

“There’s this rumour that suspicious guys have been going in and out of this mansion,” Hayner muttered, and Olette ran over.

“We think this place is the entryway to another Twilight Town.”

“Another Twilight Town?” Sora repeated.

Donald titled his head. “What do you mean?”

“Goofy, show me that crystal you’re carrying,” said Pence, and Goofy got the munny pouch from his pocket and took out the crystal inside.

“Look, I made that bag myself. There should only be one in the whole world, right?” Olette took a munny pouch from her pocket, too.

“And this is what you got from Seifer before. You forgot it here recently, right?” Hayner produced the crystal that had been taken from the trophy.

“There are only one of Seifer’s trophies. And there should only be one of each of the crystals, red, blue, yellow and green. But you have one too,” Pence explained.

“Hey, where did you get those two things?”

“Umm…,” said Sora. He turned to Goofy.

“We got the bag from the King. Inside was a train fare and the crystal,” said Goofy. Donald nodded, too.

“See? There has to be another place exactly like this town. Olette’s bag and the trophy came from there. If you think of it that way it makes total sense!” Hayner explained, and Sora and his friends exchanged glances.

Sora tilted his head. “What makes sense?”

“That there would be things that disappeared from here that must have gone over there,” said Pence.

“Like Kairi,” Olette added.

“Oh!” Sora agreed, and that moment—Nobodies appeared up out of the ground.


Everyone edged back together, readying their stances, when a shadowy figure knocked all the Nobodies away.

“Watch out!”

“Your Majesty!” Donald and Goofy cried out together.

Standing there was the King—Mickey Mouse. King Mickey defeated all the Nobodies in an instant, and then grinned.

Donald ran over to him.

“What are you doing here?!”

“I found out where Ansem is. How about you guys?”

“Someone left us a hint about where Kairi is,” Sora replied.

We came here thanks to that photo and the sea salt ice cream…

“Hint? Who?” the King asked.

“…Probably Riku,” Sora replied, closing his eyes for a moment. Then he looked at the King.

“If you think so, Sora, then I’m sure it was,” beamed the King.

“Is Riku… okay?” Sora asked him.

“If you think so, Sora…,” the King began, but Sora took a step forward.

“Your Majesty, you have to tell me what you know sooner or later!” Sora said, almost yelling, and the King turned his back on him.

“…I can’t say anything.”

“Your Majesty! Why?” Sora pressed.

“…I don’t want to break my promise.”

“Then… you promised Riku?” Sora asked, and the King’s hands flew to his mouth.

Sora pumped his fist and jumped around. “Yesss! Then I can see Riku too!”

“Riku?” asked Hayner, watching the situation.

“My best friend,” Sora replied happily, and Hayner and the others grinned at each other.

“Hey, Your Majesty?” Olette asked, walking over to the King and peering at his face. “You got the bag you gave to Sora from Riku, didn’t you?”

The King furrowed his brow and looked away.

“You promised you wouldn’t say anything, didn’t you?” Olette asked further.

The King scratched his head. “…Well I’m in a spot...”

“Anyhow!” Donald shouted, energetically.

“Yeah, let’s go… Kairi and Riku are waiting!”

Sora’s hand curled into a fist, and he turned to the haunted mansion.

Naminé and Riku ran through the corridor of darkness.

I wonder how many times I’ve run through this space now. With Axel... and with Riku. But that’s definitely over now too.

I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to exist as myself like this. Right from the beginning, I… never existed. I am a horribly vague existence, like somebody’s shadow.

I wonder what Axel will do now.

Axel… he’s a sad Nobody.

No… all the Nobodies with the misfortune to be born into this world… are sad.

Roxas, Axel, and even Xemnas.

Why were we born, I wonder.

We without hearts. In the end we weren’t granted hearts.


Do we really not have hearts?

I bet Axel holds the same doubt.

But, the thing inside us that feels like a heart… in the end maybe it is nothing more than an illusion we feel because we were touched by Sora.

That said… that’s right, even if we feel like we have a heart, a Nobody’s heart is somewhere else.

Somewhere far away.

Are we trying to go back there?

Continue to Chapter 2: Waiting for You

Translation notes:

+the walls of the shining garden, Radiant Garden----------same as last chapter, this line actually also provides the Japanese literal translation alongside the katakana for ‘radiant garden’. So really it’s just saying ‘radiant garden’ in two different ways. I’m leaving it because it feels more complete.

+If Riku and Kairi are doing fine, that would do for me.------------‘that would do for me’ is それでいい。Idk how to make it sound more natural…

+a small frustrated sound----------------a small cluck of the tongue. But I think that sounds stupid lol

+“I’m not the one who left, Riku. You two did.-----------he doesn’t really specify ‘two’, it’s just the plural form of ‘you’, and I assume he meant Riku and Naminé. He could technically have known that Axel was part of their leaving, but I dunno.

+took three ice creams from his breast pocket-------------the word is 懐, which originally meant like, the inside chest part of a kimono where you store stuff, and now just means pockets. I can’t really picture on DiZ’s clothes where he could store stuff though. Also why would he put ice cream in his pocket????

+“…Do you think I’m an idiot?”--------------バカにしてるのか? are you treating me like an idiot? Are you making fun of me? Idk I liked the first one cause it also implies Riku hasn’t forgotten his Stranger Danger lessons from primary school :P

+“I… must apologise to you.”-----------like before, it’s the plural form of ‘you’.

+ I’m sorry-------------すまなかった。 wow, lol. It makes sense given his age and rank but still, it surprises me to see an apology phrased so informally.

+the darkness of between----------はざまの闇. ‘the darkness of the in-between’, ‘the darkness of the rift’. In later games it is called the 闇の回廊, corridor of darkness. In older translations I translated ‘in-between’ or ‘rift’ as ‘portal’ cause it was easier to visualise, but now I think it is important to match other imagery in the games surrounding ‘Between’ etc

+“Never underestimate the Organisation’s number one at getting away!”------------more literally, “when it comes to running away, I am number one in the organisation and never underestimate me!” but I think having the ‘getting away’ at the end of the sentence has better payoff!

+“You got the bag you gave to Sora from Riku, didn’t you?”----------she calls him ‘riku-kun’ ahh~

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milky way: Riku/dawnchesauroshin on July 20th, 2012 05:16 am (UTC)

I think I'm going to go in order of the scenes just to give you all my reactions because WOW are there a lot.

After all the fuss he was making in earlier scenes about it, Axel hugging Pluto was adorable. I also like how Sora goes from Donald mentioning Daisy to thinking about Riku and Kairi ♥ His random Roxas-memory-feelings (the Akuroku shipper in me squeed at that part too) are equally adorable as the Riku-Kairi and Pluto thing :D

“The rumour about the little girl was a masterpiece,” said Hayner, light-heartedly. “Even though it was just a curtain moving in the wind.”
I assume this is talking about Namine, but does it really say she's a "little" girl? It makes her sound really young.

I finally got to read the end of that mansion scene! Been waiting years for that, really. Riku is so on-edge and angry, here, and I don't see how anyone could blame him for it. I lol'd at the Stranger Danger thing (especially since he just got done fighting Xemnas), but from what you said about AtW's really informal apology and his generally condescending manner, it's no wonder Riku snaps like that. Namine's trying to calm him down, but he's really stubborn, lol.

That’s—yes, that’s the secret of the heart. When in contact with a special being, worlds, hearts—everything changes.
And we finally get to find out about this "secret of the heart" Namine's been babbling about all four novels! Is she talking about Sora specifically, here? Or just anyone with a strong heart?

Deep inside the castle, where a basket-like cage hung from the ceiling. Axel looked up at the cage.
The first sentence reads like it got fragmented somewhere weird. That aside, the novel-version of Kairi's prison cell reminds me of the cage in Castle Oblivion where the doll-Namine was kept :(

For Roxas… for Naminé, and Riku, and for myself.
Aww, Axel cares about Namine and Riku, too :)

“That place is now priority over the usual spot,” said Sora.
This is probably nitpicking, so feel free to ignore, but is there a way to rephrase this sentence to sound more Sora-like and less formal? Usual Spot should probably be capitalized either way.

“Thank you Axel… See you later,” Naminé said with a smile, and Axel nodded quietly.

“See you later, Naminé.”

Oh... they both know he's dying ;_;

“…We Nobodies just vanish as we die okay,” said Axel, and he put the ice cream in his mouth and stood up. “Besides, maybe now I can finally go see Roxas.”
Axel ;___;

"...If you think of it that way it makes total sense!” Hayner explained, and Sora and his friends exchanged glances.
Loooool. I can't decide if this is Hayner being confusing or Sora being slow. Or both. alkd;fjadklf; Sora talking about Riku, too ♥

And then Namine's ending monologue gave me more wibbles oh bby come here.
my darling, stay gold: afternoon sungold_panner on July 20th, 2012 11:07 am (UTC)
<3 <3 Wow thank you for the lovely comment ahh~

So many shippy things in this, right ;__; the plot really is coming together now. I really do like this sort of tight, interwoven stuff much better than translating Sora traipsing through the Disney worlds... as fun as they are to play and experience, it's a bit repetitive to translate haha. But then on the other hand, I am almost scared to do the next chapter, I know what's going to happen ;____;

Re: little girl, actually it would sound better if it were just 'girl'. When I see the 'ko' in 'onna no ko' I immediately jump to child, but it guess it doesn't have to mean that young.

Oh wow, I hope it was worth it after such a wait :3 The novels can be pretty threadbare. But then again this chapter still gave me so many feels ahgh

And mannn! I felt so much for Riku. DiZ was a fucking crappy ally.

But then, I wish he'd at least said goodbye to Axel. I suppose it was Axel's fault Kairi got kidnapped so he'd be mad, but still. Axel's really in the same position Riku himself was in. I'd hope Riku would recognise that on some level.

Was that the part where in your timeline you said Riku told Axel who AtW was? He just seemed to know somehow :x

Well, I think it's about anyone with a strong heart. That's what DiZ seemed to be saying anyway, and I see it as Namine connected the dots to see in their specific case it was probably Sora's strong heart. I've forgotten how many DDD spoilers you know, but there may be something in that which could support it being anyone. Not that I'm convinced the plot for DDD was thought out when these novels were written, but this heart stuff does seem to be pretty foreshadowed...

Thank you for catching that fragmented sentence! It's actually like that in Japanese, they often use a fragment to set the scene before putting dialogue, and sometimes I don't work it in properly 8D Hopefully my edit sounds better!

Actually, Sora was using a more formal word in this, in the sort of joking way people do sometimes. It seemed to me like he was trying to make it sound like a mission lol. I didn't capitalise it because it's just written normally as a Japanese phrase and not given any marker as a title, but if it's always like that in English then I will adapt it so :3
How's this?
“Priority change: let's give the Usual Spot a miss and head over there,” said Sora.
Thank you for the advice <3 I don't mind about 'nitpickng', when I am dumb enough to pull all-nighters I sort of need them ;A;/

What REALLY gets me about that Axel/Nami scene is that it is the same phrase he says to Roxas just before he fades away in the Remembrance scene too, the 'mata na' ;~; It's like he knows he's dying, she knows, but right til the last he holds onto the hope that it won't be forever FUCK

And yessss and he's talking about Riku and HPO give eachother MEANINGFUL GLANCES cause they know 'shinyuu' is code word for 'totally in love with' I mean come onnnn this series
milky way: Riku/dawnchesauroshin on July 21st, 2012 05:33 am (UTC)
But after going through all the KH2 worlds again, finally getting more plot is cool! Stay strong and finish the book with a bang ;) yes i know i'm horrible

After only reading part of that mansion scene before, I got incredibly curious as to how it turned out, so now I'm pleased I got to find out.

I think Riku does realize he has a similar deal as Axel, and it simultaneously helps him have a weird friendship and low, unspoken tension with Axel. I don't think they'd want to fight each other, but the Sora/Roxas thing at this point in time is an issue that will leave one of them 'shinyuu'-less :/

All that aside, in this scene, Riku's main focus definitely switches to Kairi. This is a good thing because it diverts his anger and frustration at Xemnas and DiZ into something constructive.

Riku and Axel found AtW's computer in Hollow Bastion after Sora left to go fight in the big battle. They talked about the similarities to the Twilight Town computer, and that helped them put two and two together. It was in book 3, somewhere in 's journal.

Does this have to do with DiZ's speech to Riku at the end? Or Sora talking to Xigbar? I know the ending and stuff, but haven't watched cutscenes outside of that and the very beginning.

That edit sounds great!

Ooh, I didn't know it was intentionally more formal. That's kinda funny. Sora, why are you so cute :)

I actually did catch Axel's similar line to your Remembrance translation without knowing the Japanese :P

Oh man, now that you mentioned the MEANINGFUL GLANCES, it really is obvious :D WOW I have FEELINGS about that. Why is Sora so adorable man I can't wait for DDD to come out.
my darling, stay gold: afternoon sungold_panner on July 21st, 2012 07:57 am (UTC)
That is very true!! I guess that's the point of the climax after all :P It's a little weird doing a series last-book-first, when with Days and BBS I've started from the start, and it's making me realise if I go back and do books 2 and 3 now I will probably have to deal with a lot of Disney... but ahh well! There's a lot to be done before I have to think about that anyway haha My heart is made of corn and cheese<3 <3

...You're making me ship Aku/Riku oh no. I've never read anything for it outside of harukami's ot6-verse, but ahh lol. I wonder if Riku feels guilty about any of it at all. The fact that Axel is here and dying is because Riku stole his friend. Riku shoulders too much guilt as is so I hope not. But ahhhh mannnn lol

Ohh I see! I have read all her stuff, I just have a terrible memory. And I get mixed up. That's one reason why I like doing entire chapters instead of just the interesting scenes... I get muddled lol

Yeah, DiZ's speech to Riku at the end :3 Ahhhhhh

Thank you~ <3

Oh that reminds me, I better find that translation cause I can just use that for the next chapter. Oh man ;_____;



i pre-ordered at eb games, i better go check when i can pick it up!!

milky way: Riku/dawnchesauroshin on July 21st, 2012 08:34 pm (UTC)
oh man oh man I'm actually really looking forward to the rest of the Axel scenes. Like, I can't wait for it to hurt in all the best ways :') And then we get to see the Reunion scene after, which is one of my favorite scenes in the whole series.

Funny you should mention that because harukami was actually a big influence on my Awakenings verse when I first started it. I said, "Let's make an OT6, but one where Sora doesn't play favorites (because that really upset me in her Christmas fic, like a stab in the back to my feelings) and Rikuroku can be an actual legit thing." As for Riku's feelings towards Axel, I think he does feel kind of bad, and probably a little guilty after Axel dies saving Sora, but Sora and Kairi are always going to be his priority. Shit sucks :(

I'm looking forward to hearing that speech in the English verison of DDD. I saw it a couple times in the Japanese with subtitles (thanks, btw), but still only halfway understood it, lol. Maybe I was just distracted by YAY NEW GAME, or it really is a vague symbolic speech, but hopefully it'll make more sense in English.

Is the whole Remembrance scene just the same as in the novels? That's kinda cool.

You even get it before me this time! I'll have to just... stay away from anything KH-related before it comes out in the US.
my darling, stay gold: afternoon sungold_panner on July 22nd, 2012 07:58 am (UTC)
I am almost there ;__; Sora just went into virtual TWTN... I might have the rest up by tonight! depends... I have my first class of the semester tomorrow so I should sleep :P

Yes! Ahh that fic had a big influence on my shipping and even my writing, not that I write much. And yeah. Do you mean when he gave Kairi the ring? I thought that was a bit weird but I just decided to dwell on it lolll. And yeah I kept waiting for Riku/Roku to happen :< Riku and Roxas feels aside, after Roxas 'shared what he had' with Sora it would have been cool to have Sora do the same back. Aghhhhhh Axel and Riku are the worst cause they give me the most sad feels and then when their feels collide lkrgjnrgt kinda glad they didnt play it up in canon it might have killed me

Yeah me too 8D I understood it myself, I thiiiink lol, but it's always much better to see the official stuff. Same with the secret ending of BBS. I love the symbolic loveliness of the Japanese speech to pieces but the English one makes it much more clear-cut what it was supposed to mean for the future of the series. Plus those DDD cutscenes were a pain in the ass to do, working off crappy livestream recordings that kept cutting off the part where the subs were or had crap sound so I couldn't hear a thing (or had some robot thing talking whyyy).

I think there's only one small difference, in that Roxas says the 'Sora will find the answer' line twice. Other than that the dialogue is exactly the same, it just has the thoughts and actions stuff to pad it out! After all, Nomura did say something like he took the FM+ scene from the novel in the first place, so it would make sense.

Aghh the Europeans already have it too!!! For once Australia doesn't get the European release date and it's actually WORSE /cry cry
...But we do get it before US... yeah... I promise to keep tagging spoilers :P
milky way: Riku/dawnchesauroshin on July 23rd, 2012 01:52 pm (UTC)
This comment is way late :( I hope you got your sleep.

I do mean that part of the fic, and I did feel a bit betrayed by it. But because of that and Rikuroku, it help me notice what parts of other fics I agreed with (like they way it did body-sharing was a huge influence on my writing), and what I wanted to be unique/different for my own fics.

Fanfic aside, Roxas in DDD sharing his memories with Sora is something I'm really looking forward to in English. You get the impression in Days and the KH2 prologue that Roxas did see a bunch of Sora's memories, but of course it's more special if Sora shows Roxas himself. Maybe it'll be addressed more in KH3? Axel and Riku have certainly had it rough, but I think DDD was also a transition from Riku struggling more to Sora struggling more. Everyone gets their angst, lol.

I never saw the BBS secret ending in Japanese so I can't compare, but I agree that the English version would be more direct. Disney in the US treats its audience as needing more direct guidance, I think (like the rating edits in KH2). And oh man I saw the parts with the robot, that was so irritating just watching.

Right! Kanemaki got to be validated for a couple things in KH2FM+! *insert Days joke here?* But I'm super looking forward to reading it because Akuroku was my first KH love :)

I need to put all the tags on my block list still :P I'll try to finish the game in a good amount of time because I wanna be part of the fandom discussion. Talking to other people and trading theories and stuff can be fun when it's about new stuff people aren't tired of yet :) That and I wanna write about Riku training Kairi like wow I've been waiting for that since Sora's dumb dismissal of her in KH1 :D
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