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CoM: R/R Chapter 6 (2/2)

Written by: Kanemaki Tomoco
Original Plan: Nomura Tetsuya and Watanabe Daisuke
Illustration: Amano Shiro
Copyrighted by Disney Enterprises, Inc and Square Enix
Translations: gold_panner

Notes: No profit is gained from these translations unless you count meeting and befriending amazing people profit. Every effort is made to make them as accurate as possible.

Chapter 6: Relent (Continued)



This is—darkness. Darkness, stretching out forever and ever on every side… Riku stood there, alone. “What… happened to me…,” he muttered, looking around. “Where am I…?”

“I can see…,” a voice whispered. “I can see…”

“Lexaeus?!” Riku yelled.

“Riku…,” the voice rang in his ears, sounding like a sneer. “I can see your heart…”

“No, you’re wrong! This strong stink of darkness… You can’t be?!”

“Yes… Remember… Let me rise up in your thoughts, your heart…”

Riku remembered this presence—the smell. This smell… yes. “Ansem!” Riku yelled. It was the name of the darkness that had nested inside him.

“Heh heh heh heh… Riku… You called my name. You’re… thinking about me, aren’t you…”

The voice made chills rip down Riku’s spine. That memory—I never wanted to remember. The awful feeling the moment Ansem took over my body…

“You’re afraid… of my darkness, aren’t you… That’s good… The more you think of me, the closer my restoration becomes… and when I finally awaken… I will… take your heart and…”

Riku found himself shrinking back.The darkness feels like it’s crowding in on me, closer and closer. The darkness—is after my heart.

“Control it!” Riku heard, and in that instant, the man was standing right before him.

That man—Ansem. Riku couldn’t move, felt like his whole body was turning to ice under that cold stare. How can I escape from the darkness? How can I escape from Ansem? Ansem’s gaze—pierced through Riku.

“Riku, no! Don’t let Ansem take you!” came a second voice from somewhere, and a beam of light shot straight at Riku.

“That voice—Your Majesty!” Riku yelled, and the light surrounded him.

“You bastard King!” Ansem’s shout was drowned out by the light.

“Ugh…” Riku came to, and found himself lying in the hall. I feel a bit unsteady—but I’m not injured anywhere. “Your Majesty… did you protect me?” Riku muttered, slowly getting to his feet. “Your Majesty! Where are you? Please, answer me!”

He searched the hall desperately, but the King’s figure was nowhere to be seen. He couldn’t hear his voice, either. “You’re by my side, aren’t you… Your Majesty…” Riku clenched his fists against his chest, and a small call rang out.

Riku, you’re not alone.

With the feeling that he’d heard the King’s voice from somewhere—Riku finally started walking again.


It’s a lie… There’s no way my memories are fake! She lied! The Replica ran after Naminé, who had already disappeared. I have to make Naminé take back what she said. And I have to protect her from Sora. Sora’s memories are the fakes… He opened a door to find many halls. In the middle stood Naminé and Sora, talking about something. I have to protect Naminé from Sora…

“That’s because, Sora, I went into your memory and—”

At that moment, the Replica shouted out. “How about I explain!”

“Riku!” Sora yelled, surprised.

“It’s so simple. Your memories are nonsense. It was never you who was meant to protect Naminé, it was me, but you came barging in! You’re manipulated by fake thoughts, Sora!” The Replica ran at Sora’s chest, and swung his blade down.

“Stop!” Naminé screamed, but her voice no longer reached the Replica. Sora inhaled sharply, blocking the Replica’s attack with his Keyblade.

“I’m the one who protects Naminé!” the Replica yelled, springing back, distancing himself, then swinging his blade down at Sora again.

“Just stop! Riku!” Trying to tear himself away from her scream, the Replica sent Sora flying back. “Sora!” Naminé screamed.

“Ugh… Riku…” Sora tried to stagger to his feet as the Replica slowly walked towards him.

“I win.” The Replica brought his blade up over Sora’s head.

“Riku, you can’t!” Naminé screamed. But the Replica swung his blade down at Sora.

“Disappear, fake!”

“Stop!” Naminé screamed, and the whole area was wrapped in light.

The Replica’s vision misted over. He made a small noise. His vision rolled. There was no strength left in his legs.

Promise me.

Naminé’s voice sounded far away.


He could hear Sora calling him.

But… I don’t understand. I’m…?

“Riku! Riku!”

Sora’s voice is so far away… I hate you. So why would you call my name out like that?

Just as if he were sinking, the Replica let go of the last of his consciousness.


Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: <Reverse/Rebirth>Riku’s Story will be continued in Chapter 7: Rejection

Translation notes

+ Riku ran, ran, ran.--------------More literally ‘Riku continued to run, nothing but run’ but I think this sounds more dramatic :P

+ Larxene raised a prettily shaped eyebrow-------I didn’t really know how to put it, but it’s saying that her eyebrows are nicely done, lol. Like… I mean ‘shaped’ as in the verb, as in she waxed and shaped them nicely 8D;

+ A blond-haired boy tore past the Replica on a skateboard. He didn’t seem to notice the Replica.-----ooookay… is this meant to be… Hayner? I hope so :/ I didn’t think those kids were introduced around CoM time… But it would make zero sense for it to be Roxas. Other side of Sora’s heart or no, Roxas wouldn’t have memories of riding fucking skateboards in this time period. KANEMAKIIIII

+ Riku just managed to grab the ground with the tips of his fingers-----um, I don’t really know. I never played Reverse/Rebirth in CoM so I don’t know if you fight the Trick Master in some kind of anti-grav? I mean, in Kh1 the room goes upside down and stuff but I thought that depended on what door you came in or something…

+So I can see Sora again—So I can put an end to my own darkness.-------this sentence is worded in a way in Japanese that doesn’t come out right in English thanks to different word ordering. It gives the feeling that ‘Sora’ is integral to both of those ‘so I can *verb*’ parts.

+ The Replica thought it was exactly like the inside of his own heart.-----Wow, that sounds like a bad emo poem. Why is he being such an emo bitch right now? Cause he lost to Sora…? Oh dear me… As an aside, the whole ‘Replica goes to Twilight Town and Pervs on Sora in the Bushes’ thing was also in the Days novels, but from Axel’s POV. It wasn’t in the game, was it?

+“Mine is real!”---------playing on words here. The sentence more literally means “I am the real thing,” when we all know he’s not… :c poor thing

+“What’s wrong, Lexaeus?”-----erk, keigo. I never know how to translate the feeling of keigo into English because to me, things like ‘whatever could the matter be, Lexaeus?’ sounds sarcastic 8D; どうかなさいましたか ? Or, どうしたのか?

+ the light that is Sora-----SORA TO IU HIKARI…… NO NAKA ME GA SAMERU~ srsly, same sentence pattern 8D; (anata to iu hikari is in the lyrics to Hikari, the Japanese version of Simple and Clean, go if you didn’t get it… lol)

+ That’s—in other words, you won’t stop me?-------aww, she used the word ‘anata’ for ‘you’. ….Idk, with all the damn boys I’ve been seeing a hell of a lot of ‘omae’ and this is cute :3

+ You’re a ‘nobody’ too, aren’t you--------‘nobody’ is written as the Japanese phrase for ‘being who is no-one’ (誰でもない者), but in tiny little pronunciation-guide letters above the phrase (furigana) is written ‘noubadi’; the English word, in other words. So the feeling this gives is Riku is saying ‘nobody’ but meaning it more literally because he apparently doesn’t really know it’s an actual name yet. So, I didn’t capitalise it, to try and convey this…

+“You bastard King!”---------- lol おのれ、王め!

Comments, corrections, suggestions, always welcome!

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